The concept of Invisible BJJ

What is Invisible BJJ?

The concept of invisible BJJ was first mentioned by Rickson Gracie. It is an underlying principle of all jiu jitsu techniques.

Many people are familiar with the basic techniques in jiu jitsu without really knowing why they work. It is breath-taking realisation that by shifting you body by less than two inches, the dynamics of the technique can completely change. That is why it is called invisible Jiu-Jitsu - the movement is so small that it is hardly noticeable.

Once you have experienced invisible jiu jitsu, it will stay with you forever. Basic positions like closed guard, mount and side control with perfect invisible jiu jitsu will change everything. You techniques will become more efficient and effective.

It's about connecting with your opponent and realising that they come in all shapes and sizes. When you get handle on this, you will start adjusting your invisible jiu jitsu to suit the body type of your opponent. You will start paying attention to the smaller details such as, pressure, positioning, posture and the way you connect to your opponents body.

To quote Rickson

“It is a profound aspect to connect yourself and be stronger from your feet to your hands. Every time you struggle, you’ll figure out where you’re not connected and be able to develop yourself with smooth movements. It’s that invisible force that you can continue to gain understanding of. That’s my motivation today – to understand Invisible Jiu-Jitsu, what is there besides what you don’t see.”

Invisible jiu jitsu is the principle that will help, a weaker person defend themselves against a larger assailant. This principle incorporates the spirit of jiu jitsu and everything it stands for. It is not just for competition - it is for life - giving us the opportunity to learn and improve upon ourselves.

Learning Invisible Jiu Jitsu

Re-examine or all your basic techniques and try to get a grasp of the mechanics behind the movement. Training with a more advanced opponent than yourself, will highlight the differences in your respective techniques. Try and recognise when a technique becomes more effective due to changing the angle of the hips, or changing the direction of an arm bar by a few degrees.

One of the best ways to improve your invisible jiu jitsu is seek out private lessons with an advanced instructor. Sensei Ibush, 5th Dan jiu jitsu black belt offers students One to One Tuition as well as small group tuition. Private, personalised coaching will accelerate you learning exponentially. It is particularly useful if you are preparing for a tournament or competition and want to identify the weaknesses in your technique.

One to One coaching with an experienced coach will enable you to recognise when invisible jiu jitsu is being used, giving you the opportunity to break down the technique and discover why it is so much more effective than your own.

When you get your invisible jiu jitsu working correctly, it is astonishing just how little effort is required to submit your opponent.

One to One Coaching

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