Attitude in Martial Arts


What is attitude and how do you teach it?

Mental strength, proper technique, discipline and character are gradually developed through hard training and the attainment of goals that you never thought were possible. Listed below are just some of the character traits that martial arts training helps to develop

Respect, courtesy and humility

As you train, no matter how good you get and how high you fly, you come to realise that you are never above being corrected and there is always room for improvement. By training regularly in the dojo, the martial artist soon realises that there is no room for disrespectful, arrogant behaviour and that sooner or later, showing off only leads to pain and humiliation. You will find martial arts students who are training hard have a very polite, helpful and unassuming manner

Being humble and having a healthy respect for other students abilities, is something a senior instructor needs to see in order to continue imparting his experience and knowledge to lower grades. Good students show generosity of spirit, kindness, patience, and a willingness to share techniques with other students, especially those of a lower grade.

It is the development of this attitude which fosters mutual trust and courteous integration on the dojo floor. It helps to keep the training environment as safe as it can be, avoiding injuries, and promotes a healthy learning environment. Another benefit of this is that students form strong bonds with one another often leading to strong interaction outside of the club.

Integrity, Sincerity & Honesty

One of the stand out traits of martial artists that I have known is that they tend to keep their word and follow through on promises and commitments. The constant striving to improve technique gives a martial artist the ability to realise his own shortcomings in all aspects of his life. They are honest and tactful when dealing with people and are always looking for a positive outcome.

Self-Discipline, Perseverance & An Indomitable Spirit

As in any walk of life, any worthwhile endeavour has it's difficulties, set backs and hardships. Inevitably, you will ask yourself the question, 'Is it worth it?'

With my own experience in martial arts,my raining goes through peaks and troughs of emotion. The trick is, as a martial artist, is to keep up the training. This is particularly true when your mind and your body is telling you not to train, give up and do something else. Use a positive mental attitude and foster an indomitable spirit and this will carry you through the low points in your training career.

By applying self discipline and perseverance to training, a martial artist will turn mistakes into positive learning experiences, and failures into success.

Thanks to Sensei Larry 5th Dan Shotokan Karate for this article

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Ibush Kabashi, Instructor

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